International Business Issues

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International Business
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International Business (INTB)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Handbook 2012


Welcome to International Business Undergraduate Options – International Business Starting the BCom (International Business) in 2012 Group A Papers: 252 points of commerce papers Group B Papers: 108 points of language and/or cultural papers Minor Option or Diploma in Language and Culture For students who started the BCom before 2010 FAQ for all International Business Students FAQ Regarding Language/Cultural Papers Double Degree Plan for BCom (International Business) – Starting 2012 General Questions Managing Your Own Information – Tips on ‘Getting Things Done’ Course approval for International Business students? Sample International Business (BCom) Degree Plan 2012 Commerce Papers Required for International Business Major Postgraduate Options – International Business Postgraduate Programmes – An Overview Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (PGDipCom) Application Procedures – PGDipCom (International Business) How to select your papers for the PGDipCom (International Business) Master of Business (MBus) Application Procedures – MBus (International Business) About IBUS 5A About Supervision Master of Commerce (MCom) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Student Services Class Representatives International Exchange Programme Business Case Competitions Students with Disabilities Mäori Student Academic Mentoring Student Learning Centre School of Business Contact Information Other University Contact Information Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce Nomination of Papers for Study Form 3 4 4 5 7 8 9 10 15 21 22 24 24 25 26 27 28 29 29 30 32 32 33 33 34 35 36 36 36 37 37 37 38 39 40 41


ForthoseofyoureturningtoOtago,welcomeback.Forthoseofyoujuststarting outasanInternationalBusinessmajorin2012,Itrustyouwillenjoythenextseveral yearshereatOtago.YouwillsoonlearnthatInternationalBusinessisaunique programmebothwithintheSchoolofBusinessandthewiderUniversity. Thepurposeofthishandbookistooutlinesomeofthemorecommonquestions andanswersassociatedwithpursuingaBachelorofCommercewithamajorin InternationalBusiness,orpostgraduatequalificationinInternationalBusiness.Please readitcarefully. TheundergraduateInternationalBusinessprogrammecanbecompletedasa BachelorofCommerce(BCom),orBachelorofCommercewithHonours.The undergraduateoptionscomprisebothbusinesspapersaswellaslanguage/cultural papers.Thisuniquecombinationservestwopurposes: 1. itprovidesstudentswithskillsinbothbusinesssubjectsandlanguage/cultural subjects,and 2. ithelpsgraduatesstandoutfromthepackwhenseekingemployment. ThepostgraduateopportunitiesforstudentsInternationalBusinessstudentsinclude completingaPostgraduateDiplomainCommerce(PGDipCom),MasterofBusiness (MBus),MasterofCommerce(MCom),orDoctorofPhilosophy(PhD). PleasenotethatInternationalBusinessdoesnothaveaBlackboard‘presence’.The mostup-to-dateversionofthishandbook’sFrequentlyAskedQuestions(FAQs)is YoushouldalsoexplorefullytheSchoolofBusinesswebsite( findthataparticularquestionyoumayhaveisnotansweredwithinthisbookletor onourwebsite,feelfreetocontactme. Dr Lisa McNeill Director, International Business Programme.


StartiNg the BCoM (iNterNatioNaL BuSiNeSS) iN 2012 Q a What comprises the BCom in international Business degree? Thedegreestructureiscomprisedof252points(equivalentto14papers)in Commerce(referredtoasGroup A papers)and 108points(equivalenttosixpapers and...
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