International Cultures: General Analysis and Analytical Framework

Topics: Culture, Individualism, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 4 (719 words) Published: October 17, 2013

Tutorial Task 1.2:


1. Undertake a general analysis of the differences created by international culture, and identify which culture-related factors Elecdyne should consider gathering information on if it is considering an internationalisation strategy

Language: different cultures often mean different languages. This consists also of different interpretation of body language, jokes and emphasizes which can be interpreted differently. It is necessary for Elecdyne to have at least on employee with language skills of the countries they go to. Religion: releigion has a deep impact on the lifestyle of people. It affects the behaviour towards other people, lifestyle and public holidays. Elecdyne must consider this factor regarding i.e. the acceptance of female managers, holidays and food offered during business meals. (Pickernell, D., 2010) Values and Attitudes: Work attitudes and achievement motivation vary from country to country. This variation has also to be considered regarding attitude towards time, ethics as this also effects labour relations, hierarchical structures and organizational and decision making practices. Elecdyne should be able to adapt regional values and attitudes. (Rugman, A., Collinson, S., Hodgetts, R., 2006) Customs and manners: regional customs and manners may have effects on negotiations. Elecdyne must know these to be able to be successful in international markets. (Pickernell, D., 2010)

2. Select an appropriate analytical framework to use when presenting this information (and justify)

We choose Hofstede because it’s the only framework which compares many countries and reduces it to the main points. The factors which are mentioned above can be sorted in the Hofstede framework.

3. Select 3 countries, gather the relevant information and compare with Japan

Comparison 1: Mexico and Japan

The PDI:
Compared to other Latin American countries...
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