Interpersonal relationships in the health care industry

Topics: Communication, Cross-cultural communication, Want Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: November 3, 2013
 Intercultural Business Communication

The category I chose for my case study is “Sexist Remark”. In this situation a female employee reports that one of her male coworkers is always commenting about the physical appearance of the other female colleagues . He makes remarks like she’s such a pretty girl, or she’s a lovely women. This would be considered a sexist remark because he’s not respecting his colleagues personal space.

The cross cultural principles identified in this situation is misunderstanding and choose your words more carefully. The sender may be misunderstanding to how the female colleagues are taking his remarks as sexist. His approach comes off as flirting. He needs to choose his words wisely. A similar case that can appear in the health care setting: A physician male is always commenting on this one female colleague about her breast being larger than others. As the sender, he does not realize that he’s making the receiver feel uncomfortable and out of her comfort zone. As for the receiver she does not want to work in the same vicinity as him nor does she wants to communicate with him. This becomes an issue between both parties. The resolution would be the same when it comes to both situations because the senders delivered sexist remarks in the work place. As for the receiver they felt their personal space was being mis lead by poor communication. It is important to build a strong interpersonal, Cross cultural relationships. It’s a life long process and must be engaged in purposefully. This will not happen overnight it takes time to enhance the overall quality of life. Cultural differences can become barriers affecting the communication process with health care provider do to one’s attitude and lack of understanding one’s language/ culture or religion.

In conclusion it is important to always respect another person personal space, make sure that that you learn other cultural background, try not to do...
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