Interracial Marriages

Topics: Miscegenation, Time, Interracial marriage Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: April 10, 2006
Throughout history marriages have been one of the biggest factors in the building block of societies. It has been known that in the olden ages that interracial marriages have been forbidden also considered to be taboos. Is this truly correct? In present time it has been proven that interracial marriages have been known to reduce certain diseases. Interracial marriages have also been one of the great issues that have weakened the lines of racism. And interracial marriages have given new and wider perspectives in life which allows us to easily understand and respect other cultures and societies.

In the olden times for some reason interracial marriages have been forbidden and have been considered taboos by many cultures. This has changed. During the years past Interracial marriage have increased. With these increase a variety in genes has occurred which was essential in fighting these certain diseases. Due to those new found immunity, societies and nations were allowed to flourish and grow to be great countries. This is one of the importances of interracial marriages. In many cases in present times, everyone has some form of mixed heritage due to some form of interracial marriages in the past. They may have been considered wrong back then but in our times its encouraged by many due to new perspectives seen in the mixed heritages. These mixed heritages also help break the lines of black and white or any form of racism. This is because with new perspective you can see the other race in a fresh and clear manner which breaks prejudice and causes us to unite into one whole nation.

Interracial marriages have been seen to be one of the most controversial issues in the past but have been considered common today. This is one of the proofs that our world is evolving for the better. This evolution helps our societies to overcome many future disaster and problems to which may occur. Interracial marriages have been one of the driving forces of evolution in the human...
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