Interracial Relationships/Marriages

Topics: Miscegenation, Race and Ethnicity, Interracial marriage Pages: 1 (1237 words) Published: July 13, 2011

Patricia Pinnock
Jessica Nash
03 February 2010

Race relationships have a different number of views from people all around the world. People have been beaten, disowned by family, even dismembered by their church. As humans we look at situations for what they should be and not what they are. We are not to judge someone else but understand that everyone is different and that some people like, love, honor and respect other people for their color, size, religion or just as themselves. In my research I have discovered that in the past 40 years the United States Interracial Marriages have increased from 157,000 couples in the 60s’ to 1,464,000 in 2000. This includes Blacks, Whites, Koreans and other nationalities. This was a 40% increase between the 1960s’ and 2000. That is a percentage of 832. Interracial Marriage - Growth Of Interracial Marriage Alfre Woodard and Roderick Spence, Whoopi Goldberg and Eddie Gold, Diahann Carroll and Vic Damone, Shadoe and Beverly Stevens, Opal Stone, and Ron Perlman. Anne-Marie Johnson and Marty Frey, Deniece Williams and Brad Westering, Leslie Uggams, and Grahame Pratt. Are some of the millions of interracial relationships/marriages. In the U.S. Census Bureau(2000) data, the number of interracial marriafes rose slightly more than 3,000,00. Laura B. Randolph "Black women - white men: what's goin' on?" 26 Jan, 2010. Interracial relationships have increased rapidly in youth because it is more common in the 21st century than it was in the early years or in the 1960s’. In 1990 the percentage of interracial dating was as follows 14% of 18-19 year olds, 12% of 20-21 year olds and seven percent of 34-35 year olds were in interracial relationships. Roughly 10 years later, 20% of 18-19 year olds and 16% of 24-25 year old were...

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Interracial Marriage - Growth Of Interracial Marriage
Laura B. Randolph "Black women - white men: what 's goin ' on?" 26 Jan, 2010.
The Family - Interracial Marriages Are Becoming MoreCommon
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