Interview with a Chemist

Topics: Chemistry, Nueva Ecija, Royal Society of Chemistry Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Name : Maribeth G. Epistola
Address 1b-2 condo c AFPMC Compound V. Luna Road QC
Age : 40
Educational background
*Elementary – Abar 1st Elementary School San Jose Nueva Ecija *Highschool – Constancio Padilla Elementary School Nueva Ecija *College—Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila
Work Experience
Name : Mercury Drug Corporation
Address : MDC Kamuning Siangho Branch
Year : Oct. 2, 1996- present
C. Guide Question
1.who inspired you to take that course?
= I am the one who chose my course (pharmacy). I’m interested about drugs or medicine we use every day 2.what are the factors you considered before deciding on your career = I chose ths course because you can easily find a job after taking this course unlike other courses that after you graduate you will get a job after 2-3 months or even years 3. how will you describe the nature of your work at present

= In my work I feel stressed because of the time management with my kids , but im still interested with this kind of job beacause I love it and someone didn’t force me to study pharmacy. 4. how did your chemistry education helps your present job

=chemistry education help me a lot because in my job I encounter drugs or medicine which are part of chemistry or should I say a part of science 5. what are your achievement so far
= in mercury In every 5 years I receive a trophy as a reward for the people who work properly and a people who serves others to have a healthy lifestyle 6. how will you describe your chemistry class experience

My chemistry class is the most exciting and enjoying class ia attend because im interested to. I remember when I’m studying the chemistry ,my classmates were sleep and they not listen to the teacher because they thing that it is boring. 7. do you have memorable experience back when you were a chem. Student = I remember my thesis even im a pharmacy student . the thesis ive done is athesis about ‘red tide’ as far as I remember we get a water affected by the red tide in I...
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