Introduction to PSA for Class IX

Topics: Problem solving, Educational psychology, Assessment Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: October 24, 2014

For all my class IX friends who are willing to know about PSA … PSA, The `Problem Solving Assessment’ (CBSE-PSA) will be counted towards FA-4 which is 10% of total assessments of Class IX. This assessment will also be carried forward towards the FA-4 in Class X. This score will be reflected in one Language( English or Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social Science w.e.f the session 2012-2013 for Class IX and 2014 – 15 for Class X. The same score will be reflected in FA-4 for class IX and Class X. The students will have the option to improve their PSA Score in Class X, as they can sit for the test with Class IX students of the Session 2014-2015. The best scores will be reflected in the final certificate in case of those applying for improvement. The schools which have already planned their time table and other details regarding FA-4 will take the best scores of FA-3 and FA-4 to count towards the total 10%, now available for FA-3 and FA-4 taken together. The features of the ‘Problem Solving Assessment’ (CBSE-PSA) will be as follows: - 1. It will be compulsory for all students of Classes IX and carry 90 marks. There will be 60 items of MCQ type. 2. It will assess the following areas:- Quantitative Reasoning (found in mathematics, science and technology), Qualitative Reasoning (found in humanities, arts and social sciences), Language Conventions 3. The items will incorporate aspects of 21 Century Skills (Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Communication) that leads to success at Secondary Stage. They should be able to assess student’s ability to process, interpret and use information rather than assess...
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