Iron & Coppersulfate

Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Chemical element Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: January 22, 2012
Making observations are very important in chemistry. It should be done carefully and precisely to ensure no mistakes. This experiment was all about observing. In this experiment, a set of chemicals were used to set up an experiment. The experiment was observed for three days. The chemicals used were copper sulfate (blue crystals), sodium chloride (salt), and iron.

Copper sulfate is a chemical compound which is produced commercially by reacting various copper (II) compounds with sulfuric acid [1]. It generally appears as a bright blue or green crystal [1]. Its chemical formula is CuSo4. Iron is silver-white magnetic metallic and readily rusts in moist air [3]. Its chemical formula is Fe.

The chemical reaction was demonstrated by the iron reacting to the copper sulfate.
Copper Sulfate Crystals [4]

Materials & Methods:
Materials: 2 small circles of filter paper, 1 iron nail, 5 grams of copper (II) sulfate, 10 grams of sodium chloride (salt), and 1 small piece of plastic wrap Method: Briefly, 5 grams of copper (II) sulfate was placed in a test tube. Filter paper was placed on top of that, 10 grams of salt were then added, and then more filter paper was added. An iron nail was placed faced down on top of that last filter paper and then the test tube was filled with enough water to cover up the nail. Last, the test tube was observed for the next three days. Results:

Time| Observation|
Day 0| * The tip of the nail had turned pinkish-red * The bottom of the tube, which was clear and blue from the copper sulfate was now bright green| Day 1| * The entire nail was now pinkish-red * Some copper had shed off of the nail and was resting on top of the salt * The water turned yellow * The tube is now dark-almost black green at the bottom * There was less copper sulfate| Day 2| * The entire nail was pink * The water was still yellow * A lot of copper...

Bibliography: 1.
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