"Is Marriage History?"

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Husband Pages: 2 (1014 words) Published: October 23, 2014
Is Marriage History?
Tabitha Owens
University of Guam
“Is Marriage History?”
Sitting in front of the channeling surfing through the television and behold the infomercials that are up-selling products to potential buyers. One of the common products is “Rogaine". The basic tool to regrow hair loss usually issues towards older men. Researchers from American Hair Loss Association conducted a study that said, more than 95% of men above the age of thirty-five will experienced baldness and by the age of 50 approximately 85% of men eventually had the aspects of thinning hair. Men who suffer from the tragic hair loss are typically depress. Whether stress with work, friends, family, or relationship with their spouse. Marriage is like going bald, there is no parting. You may view mar9245601830177riage as beginning to new life or just a dead end. 50% of marriage can increase by the way society is advancing and culture losing tradition which leaves marriage to lose value. According to “To Tie the Knot or Not?”, stated that traditionally marriage had a stronger value and meaning to the title of ownership. In the early 1900, marriage was a sense of contract with details of both parties obligations with each other and their family. A contract that in compass the family roles like the saying goes, “until death do us part.” Within the partnership with United States and Europe, new development of late age marriage, leaving most of the population with late age single status, and still continue the roles of the family. During the early 1900’s marriage was a source for property, family alliance, wealth, and sealing peace with former or current enemies. Moving towards the Great Depression shocking “Is Marriage History?”

the economy with financial status. Troublesome for younger families starting up a new household with little to no financial stability. The Great Depression decreased the rate of marriage to almost 13% between the year 1930-1932. Surprisingly,...
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