Is Western Management Concept Applicable Worldwide

Topics: Asia, Sociology, Southeast Asia Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Are western management concepts (like HRD) applicable worldwide?

A lot of famous people from different part of the world invented many management concepts around the world. However, each management concept contains different perspective, different culture, and different way of living. For example, human resource development concept was invented in USA as an attempt to balance humanistic and economic goals in the practice of business organizations. Due to the fact that, human is being perceived as resource in US culture and can be replaceable. However, in other part of the world such as Asia, which had different culture and value from the US, will never perceived people as resource. Thus, the Western management concept will not applicable worldwide due to the differences in culture and value in each country. Cultural differences arise from people value thing differently in each society. According to the article, the applicability of McGregor’s theories in South East Asia by Geert Hofstede. There are four dominant value patterns among countries around the world. Firstly, individualism versus collectivism. Individualists are loosely tied together and suppose to take care of their own self-interest. Collectivists are tied together as a group and will look after the interest of the in-group. Secondly, large power distance versus small power distance. Large power distance society values the hierarchy of inequality as fundamental principle on which all relations are based. Small power distance society treats inequality as basically undesirable and tries to reduce it where it arises. Thirdly, strong uncertainty avoidance versus weak uncertainty avoidance. Strong uncertainty avoidance society teaches people to try to beat the future, which create higher level of anxiety in people. Weak uncertainty avoidance society teaches their people to accept this uncertainty and not to become upset by it. Lastly, Masculinity versus femininity. In masculinity society, men are...
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