Joe Salatinio, President of Great Northern American Case Study

Topics: Behaviorism, Educational psychology, Reinforcement Pages: 5 (1553 words) Published: February 24, 2013

1.Discuss why Joe’s employees need to understand the importance of how people form perceptions and make attributions.

In order to have a successful business there are many factors that collaborate together to achieve the ultimate goal of success. As with many companies, the dependency of having a productive and highly motivated team members becomes the heart of the business. The factors that contribute to people’s perceptions and attributions in the workplace can be extremely important how it relates to forming opinions. For example, in the case of Joe Salatino, there are examples from operant conditioning to self-efficacy which relates to improving the hiring and workplace performance.

The perceptual process, in the workplace, is helpful when considering many components such as the hiring, viewing co-workers and the ability to change the perception of others. As we see in the case study of the great northern American , there are other ways that he can address his sales staff such as the importance of perception , their formation and why they need to be understood. There are several options that Joe can convey his message of perception. One of the few things that he can put into place is having workshops or conferences quarterly to evaluate and discuss these issues as a team. By organizing these gatherings, the topics that should include the definition of perception and the factors that influence it, discussing the factors of influencing perception, the target and the situations. Understanding of how individuals form their perception and make attributions can be the difference between making a sale and losing a sale. When a sales professional understands how others form their perception, they will be able to utilize that information to control how a potential customer can perceive them and the product they are selling. Encouraging the customer to believe that the deal being offered is a great value, the customer needs the product and the product is worth the money spent. This a form of impression management. Another exercise that can be put into place is arranging role play amongst the employees in at least a meeting a month. This can aide and assist the employee to


recognize any short comings that they may have to be a successful sales professional. In order to succeed, one needs to create perception that they are an authority in their line of work and can be trusted by their customers with accurate information of the product. When they gain the benefit of perception, they can become successful. Furthermore, they need to be able to overcome excuses that the customer may have or any previous perceptions or attributions that may have already developed prior. Another option for Joe is to address his sales staff to ensure that they know the products being sold from how they are made to how it is a must have for the customer. A knowledgeable sales professional gives the customer the perception that they are dealing with someone who knows their products and are an expert, With a high energetic seller and full product knowledge, helps the customer begin a trusting relationship with the sales person and will continue to be loyal to the company because of that individual. By having the employees understand how these perceptions and attributions are formed, they are able to overcome or modify these perceptions and attributions in the minds of their customers.

2 Evaluate which learning theory (either operant conditioning, social learning theory, or the learning theory you researched in Week 3) would be most appropriate for Joe to apply in this situation and explain why.

The President of Great northern American, Joe Salatino, has been able to run a successful business by applying learning theories: operant conditioning,...
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