Johannes Van Den Bosch Sends an E Mail

Topics: Critical thinking, Cultural anthropology, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: August 17, 2013
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A. Case introduction (describe relevant case background and scope of analysis):

The case is about an email between two partners of BigFiveFirm.The partner in Holland asked the one in Mexico to give some information required (such as the Mexican subsidiary’s IAS financials) to him “today” because the British client is very unhappy with the delays.The email is “stick to facts”. Scope of analysis:

B. List critical management issues that need to be solved in order to achieve the specified goal: Lack of Communication or inappropriate way of Communication
2.Establish Relationship and Trust
3.Clarify Responsibility and Authority
4.Different attitudes toward planning
C. List the most critical issue (which needs to be solved as priority) and justify why it has priority: Lack of Communication or inappropriate way of Communication
The email was written in an inappropriate way (from the Mexican’s perspective)and it may irritate the Mexican partner.Thus Pablo Menendez might not give the information to Johannes Van Den Bosch which would cause a terrible consequence.Even if Van Den Bosch got the information he needed,the relationship between Pablo Menendez and him would be really strained.And that may result in an constant negative influence on their work. D. Key players (list individuals, groups or organizations who are involved in the most critical issue discussed in C): Johannes Van Den Bosch

Pablo Menendez

E. List appropriate cultural dimensions (they can be from different models) that impact the most critical issue discussed in C: Power distance

F. Describe how is this most critical issue perceived by each key player from their cultural perspective (explain using appropriate cultural dimensions):
Johannes Van Den Bosch is from Holland and he may be more task oriented,so he just write the email in a “Stick-to-fact” way .However,Pablo Menendez,who is a Mexican,may want to...
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