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I predict that when the grape is in the saltwater it will expand as an effect of the saltwater concentration outside of the grape. This will be a hypertonic solution. For the white grape juice I predict that because of the similar conditions between the grape and the white grape juice the solution will become isotonic. As for the water, I think that the grape will shrink because of the higher concentration in the grape. This solution in my opinion will be a hypotonic solution. Results:

Weight of grape before soaking in solution
Weight of grape after soaking in solution
16.2 grams
11 grams
White grape juice
12.5 grams
8.5 grams
18.5 grams
16 grams

1. What is the dependent variable in this lab?
The dependent variable in this lab is the grape and its weight. 2. How did you conclude whether the solutions you tested were hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic? We concluded the different types of solutions by using our knowledge on the composition of solutions and the reactions in the corn syrup experiment video. 3. What was the independent variable? What were the constants? The independent variable in the grape lab experiment were the different types of solutions. 4. Calculate the change in the mass of the grapes. Explain how this may relate to your findings. Saltwater: With the saltwater, the weight decreased by 5.2 grams as an effect of the high concentration inside of the grape and the low concentration outside (saltwater).

White grape juice: With the white grape juice’s decrease of 4 grams caused by the higher concentration inside of the grape, just as the solution in the saltwater, but the change was not as drastic because of the similar conditions between the white grape juice and the grape itself. Water: With the water the grape in our experiment decreased, but it should have increased as an effect of the higher concentration of the water outside of the grape.

5. What effect would...
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