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My Proposal
“The Art Of Celebration”

For my final project I wanted to shoot something that could either capture life at its most enjoyable time, with out no worries of any problems, struggles, or distractions. The art of celebration is the ideal concept for those who love a good party, captivated by the lifestyle of the famous or are looking for event planning ideas and tricks. The reason why I wanted to shoot this concept was to show my idea of the greatest party. Growing up I went to plenty of party’s and celebrations that have had something that was not right at the party, or there has been many altercations with one another to ruin the celebration. When people celebrate or throw a party there should be nothing to worry about, but the event that’s going on, and the friends and family that you invited to come celebrate with. To make the celebration complete I am goin to shoot CIROC Vodka as well the reason why CIROC instead of any other drink is because CIROC Vodka celebrates the uncommon on evey level this is what the drink in know for being the smoothest Vodka out on the market. Tear sheets:

On the tear sheets I could not take pictures from the site but I could copy the links and have you display the images that captured my ideas. For the locations the owners for “The Pink Ultra Lounge” and “The Olive 8 Hotel” have not given me a official answer to shoot in there bulidings yet. If those resources are not available the other locations that I was going to use was the AIS Studio, The Rocksalt lounge, and BABALU’S ultra lounge.

The backgrounds that I want in the pictures is examples of lounge, a beautiful bright day outside, nice indoor skylight of a city, smooth graduate black & white background. I have a list of models that are willing to be in the pictures, Ria Santos, Shardania Swain, Damelah Gordon, Shanoa Carter, and Myself. The props that I have will be CIROC Vodka, margarita glasses, Ice, and tile. The style that I want for the shoot is...

Links: of the ideas (tear Sheets):
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