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BIM 2094
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1) Explain the clashes in culture, customs and expectations that occurred in this situation. In the first time Kelly meet her subordinate, Kelly exchanged the usual handshake greetings with the westerners, and then bowed to the Japanese; an awkward silence and exchange took place, with the Japanese looking embarrassed. Japanese men are unusual with the Western greeting style. Japanese did not like to do individual presentation, but rather wanted gain consensus among themselves and their contact and present a group presentation. And that is the reason why the first time they failed to do presentation without meet their groups and other contact. Japanese felt confused and offended when their college when the Americans chatted on about their children’s achievement and the Germans talked about their family position since Japanese do not talk about their family affairs to the outsiders. In a business appointment, Kelly planned to get straight down to business, so when the client company’s CEO handed her business card, she put in her pocket without a glance, and did not give him her card. Afterward only she found out that a Japanese businessman use the business card to convey all accomplishment and position without having to say it himself. 3) Turn back to the clock to when Kelly was offered the position in Tokyo. What, if anything, should have been done differently, and by whom? As for the company, they should have well plan in human resource function such as selection, training, acculturation and evaluation of expatriates. Many company select expatriates only on the basis of their domestic track records and technical expatriates. In this case, Kelly has been selected to do foreign assignment because she had done such a great job in Boston and in recent short assignment in London and Munich. However, Kelly did not speak Japanese and that she knew nothing about Japan. Thus, the prior things to do are to undertake cross-cultural training which includes cultural training, language instruction and familiarity with everyday matters. The suitable method used in relocation cross cultural training includes role play, simulation games, self- reflection and assessment, group discussion and others. The important issues need to be addressed includes brief overview of host country’s cultural values and business approaches, with emphasis on expectations about leadership, negotiation style, conduct of meetings and business writings, even the surprising course and management of culture shock should not be underestimated. In addition, cultural assimilators expose trainees to the kinds of situation they are likely to encounter that are critical to successful interactions. Language training, sensitivity training and field experiences are also training options. They should provide consultation service, especially for expatriate, by giving advice and assistance whenever needed. In terms of compensation and benefits, the company promise offer Kelly attractive package which included a higher salary, bonuses, a relocation allowances, a rent free apartment in Tokyo, and an education allowance for her two children. However, when they arrived in Tokyo, they discover the apartment is so tiny, given that there are four person need to live in that apartment and they have bring too much personal belongings. Thus, the balance sheet approach should be used to equalize the standard of living between the home and host country and add some compensation for inconvenience or qualitative loss. The company should provide larger apartment that can accommodate Kelly whole family. Moreover, Kelly and his husband should initiate to do their own pre departure training by searching the information...

References: The Interchange Institute (2010), Cross cultural training, Retrieve from
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