Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Education Pages: 5 (1042 words) Published: December 7, 2013
The Level of Mother Tongue-Based Reading Readiness
of Kindergarten Pupils of Cabatuan East Central School SY 2013-2014 Proponent: OPIDO, Patson P.
Statement of the Problem
This study attempts to assess the level of reading readiness in the mother tongue of Kindergarten Pupils of Cabatuan East Central School SY 2013-2014. Specifically, this study attempts to give answer to:

1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:
a. age
b. gender
c. mother tongue
d. gross family income
e. educational attainment of parents
f. early childhood education
g. availability of educational materials at home
2. What is the level of mother tongue based-reading readiness skills of the pupils in terms of: a. noting similarities of shapes and forms
b. recognizing similar/different words
c. telling the missing parts
d. classifying objects
e. building vocabulary
f. matching pictures
3. What is the correlation of the mother tongue based-reading readiness skills of pupils when grouped according to: a. age
b. gender
c. mother tongue
d. gross family income
e. educational attainment of parents
f. early childhood education
g. availability of educational materials at home
Hypothesis of the Study
There is no significant correlation between the reading readiness skills and the profile of Kindergarten pupils. Significance of the Study
This study will be beneficial to the following:
1. School Administrators
This study may point out the need to evaluate the school reading program which serves as guide in guiding teachers improve reading instruction and consequently, the reading abilities of pupils. Administrators perform crucial roles in the attainment of objectives specified in their academic programs. 2. Curriculum Writers and Instructional Materials Developers Findings in this research may likewise be utilized by them as bases in the preparation of curriculum and instructional materials such as teacher’s guides and learners’ materials. 3. Teachers

Results of this study may provide an assessment of the reading readiness of pupils for teachers to be guided in the planning, preparation and administration of reading instruction and programs for the pupils. 4. Parents

Parents will be able to monitor their child’s reading progress and help in the remedial reading instruction at home. 5. Pupils
They are the ultimate beneficiaries of this study as whatever findings will be the basis for improving reading instruction and reading program. This study will quantify not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses in reading readiness and be able to remediate them.

Conceptual Framework
Effective classroom instruction in the early grades is key to creating strong, competent readers and to preventing reading difficulties. When a child enters school, it is the teacher's role to provide effective reading instruction. Although many others share responsibility for creating a supportive learning environment, it is the teacher who has the greatest opportunity and most direct responsibility for providing the instruction that inspires and enables the child to become a lifelong reader. The foundations of good reading are the same for all children, regardless of their gender, background, or special learning needs. All children use the same processes in learning to read. Some will need more help than others and may need more instruction in one reading skill than another, but all children must ultimately master the same basic skills for fluency and comprehension. Education is empowerment and language is the means to gain access to education. Studies show that quality education occurs most effectively when the mother tongue, the learner’s first language, is used for learning at the start.

The first language is by far the easiest way for children to access the unfamiliar world of formal school learning. As a language of learning, the familiar language reinforces the value of the children’s home...
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