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Nivaldo J. Tro describes kinetics as the study of how changes that occur in chemical reactions take place over time, and because of its vast utilization in a multitude of industries, it may be one of the most significant and fascinating aspects in the entire chemical world.

One application of the study of kinetics can be applied to the determination of the rate of a chemical reaction involving a certain selection of chemicals (FD&C Blue #1 and sodium hypochlorite). The purpose of the proceeding experiment is to make such a determination, as well as determining the rate law for the reaction by establishing the rate constant and concentrations and reactions orders of the chemicals.

The first part of the experiment which was performed involved measuring the transmittance of a FD&C Blue #1 (blue food coloring) solution at 630 nm using a Spectronic 20 spectrophotometer. Three trials were performed, and each one yield a transmittance reading (%T) of 4.8. These readings were converted to determine the absorbance of the solution by using the following equation: A(absorbance) = log(100/%T) (Eq. 1)

It was discovered that the absorbance for the blue food coloring solution was 1.32. A sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution was also prepared by mixing 8.00 mL of a stock solution with DI water to obtain 50 mL. The concentration of the NaOCl solution was also determined using the following equation: M1V1 = M2V2 (Eq. 2)

The second part of the experiment involved mixing different proportions of both the NaOCl solution and blue food coloring solution, and this was performed in order to determine the proportion of each which was necessary to find a combination which would become colorless in approximately fifteen minutes. It was determined that a mixture of 60% blue food coloring solution and 40% NaOCl would satisfy the requirement.

The third part of the experiment was performed using the aforementioned proportions of the...
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