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Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Chemical substance Pages: 5 (774 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Lab 1: Observation of Chemical Changes

Name: Tyler Lee
Lab Partners: none
Date of Experiment: Feb 26 2015
Location: My House
Course Number: CHE111

The point of this lab was to test and observe chemical changes when mixing chemicals together and also through heating chemicals.

Experiment and Observations:
The experiment performed in the first part of this lab was to mix various chemical solutions together and then observe and record the chemical changes, also if a chemical change occurred at all. This was very interesting to me since some of the chemicals I thought were going to react didn’t, while some I thought were going to have no change suddenly changed color or texture.

The observations I made were recorded with the lab manual data table 1 as a guide as to which chemicals to use. A total of eight chemicals were mixed together on this part.

The experiment performed in the second part of the lab was heating 4 different chemical substances (s) and observing the changes made to them. Also determining if a chemical change had occurred. One test was performed with the substances in the tubes and another with the chemicals outside of the tubes and over the open flame.

The observations I made were recorded in the data table 2 and located in the questions section of this lab report.

Data Table 2
Initial Observation
Heating Observation
Burning Observation
Looks like small flakes of silver
Turned bright red and obviously to a very high temp.
Turned bright red and gave off gas
Much bigger and sturdier than magnesium, although very similar in look (besides size).

Completely melted and then solidified into a new form.
Continued to melt
Green powder
Turned dark black instantly as if it was completely burning
Again turned dark black
Looked like aqua and navy blue glitter mixed together
Fizzled and looked like it was turning into a gaseous solution Sizzled, started to turn into gaseous state.

Find charts under “Questions” section.

Discussion and Conclusion

This experiment was fun to do and showed me cool chemical reactions between different chemicals. I believe there was only one mixture that didn’t react. This gave me knowledge on how to find what chemicals could be in what substances by performing mixtures and observing the reactions.


Data Table 1
Chemical 1
Chemical 2

Chemical Change?
Turned to gaseous bubble like substance, no change in color. Yes


Looked as if there was no change whatsoever.


Quick change into cloudy bright substance; chunks of yellow material floating around.



Change into viscous dark red/bright purple color.


Bright white cloudy gaseous looked to swirl around after the second chemical was added Yes
Changed into what seems like brown chunky substance but still liquid. Brown chunks left behind after some time allotted. Yes

Observation 1- seemed to change into moldy like substance.
Observation 2- similar to A5, bright white cloudy gaseous like substance.

Yes- both

Changed to bright aqua color with what seemed like multiple little chunks floating inside substance.


A. The process to determine this would be to add hydrochloric acid and see if the chemical change occurs relative to the observation in A1. If it does, then there is Sodium Bicarbonate present.

B. AgNO3 + NaOH  AgOH + Na + NO3
C. This occurred in the A1, since the gaseous bubble reaction would explain the chemicals in this reaction

D. According to my data table, no chemical solution turned pink so I do not believe that is a reliable way of finding if there is vinegar in the solution.

F. To find this out, add potassium iodide and...
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