Lab #3 Solubility Product of Ca OH 2

Topics: Chemistry, Solubility, Calcium carbonate Pages: 3 (518 words) Published: December 17, 2014

CANDIDATE #: DATE: 11th/12/2014

Skill: M&M PRACTICAL # 3

Title:Solubility Product of Ca(OH)2

Aim:To find the solubility and the solubility product of calcium hydroxide.

Theory:Define, with equation, the solubility product.
Find, from literature, the solubility product of calcium hydroxide at 25oC.

Reagents:solid calcium hydroxide, water, 0.1 moldm-3 hydrochloric acid Apparatus:

1. An empty bottle was weighed. Then the empty bottle was weigh with 1g calcium hydroxide. 2. 100 cm3 of distilled water was added to the bottle. For about one minute the bottle was shaken. 3. The bottle was labeled with my name and set aside for a day. 4. Filter the contents of the bottle, into a dry conical flask. 5. Using a 10 cm3 pipette, transfer 10.0 cm3 calcium hydroxide solution to a conical flask, add a drop of phenolphthalein indicator and titrate against hydrochloric acid until the pink colour just disappears. 6. Perform three accurate titrations.

7. Record the temperature.

Treatment of Results:
Raw Data:

Table of:

Treatment of Data:

1. Calculate the average volume of hydrochloric acid used.

2. Calculate the number of moles hydrochloric acid in the titre value t1 cm3.

3. Write an equation between calcium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid.

4. Calculate the number of moles of calcium hydroxide that reacted with the number of moles hydrochloric acid in t1 cm3 of acid solution.

5. Calculate the concentration of the calcium hydroxide solution in mol dm –3.

6. Hence give the solubility of calcium hydroxide at the temperature of your experiment.

7. Write an equation for the equilibrium between solid calcium...
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