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Topics: Chemistry, Chemical substance, Material safety data sheet Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Title: Material Safety Data Sheet Experiment (Experiment 6) 1. Write about a page in your own words, about your understanding of MSDS and emergency review from MSDS-PDF folder of CD provided by LabPaq CK-EF, page 65. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provides information about the chemicals substances and supplies you will be handling in your lab package. The MSDS provides detailed instructions on proper ways “to handle, store, transport, use and dispose of chemicals in a safe manner.” If you encounter a spill while working on a lab, the MSDS would explain the procedure to clean up the spill safely. The MSDS also has a list of health effects if you come into contact with a chemical substances and first-aid procedures to care for yourself in this event.

The MSDS is organized into an easy to read and understand format. You start by looking up the product identification and then it lists the hazardous ingredients, physical data, fire and explosion data, health hazard data, reactivity data, spill or leak procedures, control measures, and special precautions for each chemical substance.

Our MSDS provides a web site to look up the information quickly online at You can also find this link on LabPaq’s main webpage General Emergency First Aid Measures

Each lab package has an emergency contact information card to fill out and to be placed near a phone in the event something goes wrong during your experiment. The card asks for basic information about you like your name and address, it also has a space for special directions such as security codes if you live in a gated community but I would also notate medical information here too (diabetes, special medications, ect.). Below your information it asks for important emergency phone numbers like your doctor and poison control. If you flip the card over and look towards the bottom you will see general emergency first...
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