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Topics: Temperature, Accuracy and precision, Physical property Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: November 19, 2013
1. Explain the differences in precision between the ruler and the yard stick The yard stick indicates that the pen is 5.89 inches, on the other hand , the ruler suggests that the pen is 5.903 inches and 14.91 cm. So the length obtained by the ruler is more precise than the yard stick.

2.Given the data can you determine which is more accurate: the beaker or graduated cylinder? Explain I believe the graduated cylinder is more accurate. First of all, its function is used to measure the volume of liquid. Secondly, we estimated the data on the beaker because there is no graduation line on it; however, we can easily tell the volume of the liquid because there are precise graduation lines on the graduated cylinder.

3.Which is more precise: the beaker or graduated cylinder? Explain. The graduated cylinder again, for its graduation is 0.5ml, but the beaker’s graduation is 10ml.

4.Given a choice, which glassware would you use to measure volumes: a graduated cylinder or beaker? Explain. Definitely the graduated cylinder. It’s more accurate and precise.

5.calculate the average amount o Solution B used in titrating. 20.5ml

6.calculate the standard deviation of the mean form Part d.

7.calculate the amount of NaOH that should be required to titrate the HCl. Comment on the accuracy and precision of your measurements. 0.00205mol
It is precise because the burette and it is with good precision. The reason that it might not be accurate is that some of the solution might remain in the container due to technological errors.

1According to your calculations, what is the density of the solution in which the egg just floated (69g+450g)/450g=1.108g/ml
2.Is density an intensive or extensive property? Explain.
Density is an intensive property. Because it does not depend on the amount of sample. 3.Is density a physical or chemical property? Explain.
Density is definitely a physical property. No chemical...
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