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Topics: Oxide, Oxygen, Chemistry Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Formal Lab Report #1
I. Basics
Title of the Experiment: The Empirical Formula of an Oxide
Section Number: Chemistry
Location and Date
II. Abstract
The aim in this lab was to determine the empirical formula of an oxide of magnesium through combustion in air. This was achieved by heating an established mass of magnesium in air inside of a crucible, ultimately attaining a compound that contained Mg and O. The major result of the experiment was the empirical formula of the oxide of magnesium. III. Introduction

An empirical formula is defined as a formula that gives the simplest ratio of the relative number of atoms in a compound. And as stated before, the goal for this lab was to ascertain the empirical formula for an oxide of magnesium. The formula was acquired by obtaining a compound that contained both magnesium and oxygen. This was done through combustion in air. Having determined the mass of magnesium before the combustion made it possible to determine the mass of the oxygen present in the compound by simply subtracting magnesium's mass from the total mass of the compound. Discovering the two masses allowed one to convert those masses into moles and then derive the mole ratio between the elements. The mole ratio, after having been converted into a whole number, brought about the subscripts for the elements in the formula. Altogether, this provided the empirical formula of MgO. Essentially, this is important because knowing the that the empirical formula for the compound is MgO provides one with insight of how the compound is arranged.

IV. Materials and Methods
The materials in this experiment were a support stand, an iron ring, a wire triangle, a Bunsen burner, matches, a porcelain crucible and its cover, crucible tongs, wire gauze, a medicine dropper, a balance, a .096 g Mg coiled ribbon, and 10 drops of distilled water. The set up for the experiment was the support stand with a ring attached to it, and a wire triangle placed on...

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