Lagoon vs. Disneyland

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As a kid, I had the privilege to visit many amusement parks, the most common being Lagoon and Disneyland. While they are both amusement parks, they are similar in ways and quite different in many ways as well.

There are many specific things that make them alike. Lagoon and Disneyland have many ‘shoot and win’ or ‘pop a balloon’ style games. They also, like most amusement parks serve ‘fair food’, such as funnel cake and fried pickles. From corndogs and pretzels to cotton candy and snow cones, they serve them day in and day out, thrilling kids and adults alike with the fun foods. They also have similar rides such as ‘Haunted Mansion’ and ‘Dracula’s Castle’, each themed as classic haunter houses with a twist. Also, they each have smaller rides made for younger kids, making it fun for even the smallest tots. They also do seasonal events to add some extra fun to the parks, such as firework shows to celebrate July 4th and change it up for Halloween.

While the two are similar in many ways, they have many ways in which they differ. To start, Lagoon has been around much longer, opening in 1886, while Disneyland opened in 1955. However, Disneyland was much larger when it opened, covering over 155 acres, whereas Lagoon was the size of a small carnival, and has gradually grown. Lagoon also caters to a more local audience, while Disneyland attracts visitors from around the world, having had over 650 million people enter since opening. Disneyland also adds a difference by individualizing all their rides. Each ride is themed on a movie or show that the Disney Company has produced, but Lagoon has generic rides with normal clowns etc. Disneyland also has onsite hotels, also themed. Lagoon does, however, have a campsite where you can camp, and still have a grand time.

Both provide a splendid time, for a decent price as well as memories that will last a lifetime. Each will give you a different experience that you will get nowhere else on earth, and keep you...
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