Lake Compounce Informative Speech

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David Mauceri
Title: Lake Compounce
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history and current characterisitics of Lake Compounce Family Amusement Park. Central Idea: Many people do not know much about America’s oldest running Theme park, Lake Compounce, like the background, events that happen at the park, and the current characteristics that keep it a local treasure. Model of Organization: Topical

ATTENTION GRABBER: Can you imagine the wind in your hair, going at nearly 80 miles per hour, and the feeling in your stomach as you rise and fall on steep hills? A. Amusement parks provide these feelings consistently on their rollercoasters and other rides.

REVEAL TOPIC: I am going to talk about an amusement park that is very near to my heart, and perhaps a few of yours. A: I am talking about the oldest running amusement park in America, Lake Compounce.

CREDIBILITY: Due to being a life long resident of the town next to where Lake-Compounce resides, over 15 visits there on school trips and my own, and the extensive research I have conducted indicates that this amusement park is very important to the people of Connecticut.

BRIEF PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: Today I will describe for you the historical side of Lake Compounce and how it came to be, some intersting events that have happened there, and the current characteristics that keep people coming back year after year.

TRANSITION: First I will talk about the history of Lake Compounce.

I. This wonderful place wasn't always the fun amusement park that it is today. It has a very intersting history. A: Lake Compounce got its name from the Mattatuck/ Tunxis Native American Cheiftan John Compound. 1. According to Lake Compounce's Website, “On December 2, 1684, his wife and several tirbal member affixed their waxed fingertip "marks" to a deed that conveyed the "Compound's Lake" to a group of white settlers who had migrated to central Connecticut from Massachusetts.” B: In October of 1846, Gad Norton, the property owner, was inspired by an event that lead him to open the lake to the public, and Lake Compounce was officially opend as a picnic park. 1. In 1873, the Bristol Press stated that Lake Compounce was “a convenient and delightful little seaside of their own for the people of Bristol."

C: As the park grew, many new and innovative attractions were added. 1. Around 1895, the famous Carousel had began being constructed by four master carvers. The Lake Compounce website states that they “purchased it for $10,000 and opened it to the public on Memorial Day, 1911.” 2. Another attraction was added in 1914 ; the Green Dragon, an electric powered coaster. 3. Later on in 1927, the Green Dragon was replaced by a coaster that still stands today, The Wildcat. 4. (Personal Anecdote) I have been on this coaster many times and let me tell you, it sure seems like it was built in 1927 because of the rickety and bumpy ride it provides.

TRANSITION: Now that I have filled you in on a brief history of how Lake Compounce came to be, I will tell you about some iconic events that took place here.

II. There have been many events that have helped Lake Compounce's name to become well known. A. In 1875, there was a sheep roast held at the park.
1. The sheep roast, according to Lake Compounce's home website, was held to commemorate the legislators who helped to form Bristol CT as it's own town. 2. This event marked the formation of the famous Crocodile Club.

B. In the 1940's and 50's, many performers came to Lake Compounce.
1. According to Connecticut History's website, performers such as
Dorsey, Calloway, Basie, Kenton, James, and Goodman all came to perform in the Starlight Ballroom. 2. While doing research on the performers who played here, I discovered that Mr. New York, New York himself...

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