Landers Corp

Topics: Want, Need, Family Pages: 1 (507 words) Published: February 1, 2015
1. What was Harry Wiley's message? Did he relate it properly? How would you have received it? Harry’s message to Terry was that he has to make more of a concerted effort to get to know his customers, particularly Blandings Consolidated, a customer accounting for 30 percent of the territory’s business. There is a longstanding relationship between the two organizations and Harry wants to nurture and further develop that relationship. The pertinent questions posed by Harry while having cocktails and at lunch were an indication that there was concern with customer relation/retention. The message was seemingly received with mixed feelings because while Terry understood the need to keep his customer happy/satisfied, the customer’s conduct does not live up to Terry’s beliefs and values (family) and that is not being taken into consideration considered. Harry is seemingly putting his customer’s needs ahead of his employee’s.

2. Should there be different standards for business entertainment based on organizational position within the company? Should Terry try to imitate Harry's style? Imitating Harry’s style as it relates to showing his appreciation to his customers for their business and making an effort to get to know them on a personal level is indeed remarkable and makes good business sense. However, at Terry’s level, he can ill-afford to entertain important clients at Harry’s level. While there should be different standards for business entertainment based on organizational position, allowances should be made for entertaining important customers at different levels.

3. How can Terry control the conduct of a night on the town with George Whitehead? What other alternative does Terry have in gaining a personal relationship with George? Terry needs to exercise tact, caution and professionalism in addressing George prior to embarking on a night on the town. He certainly would not want to alienate such an important client but Terry must also maintain his core...
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