LaTasha Bishop Unit 5 Assignment MT302

Topics: Geert Hofstede, United States, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 5 (647 words) Published: May 18, 2015

LaTasha Bishop

MT 302 Behavioral Organization
Unit 5 Assignment
March 25, 2015
Professor Bellamy

Geert Hofstede, was a Dutch Social Psychologist who use to work for IBM as a representative and created his unique model which was called the "Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory". By directing an overall study of worker or employee values and applying certain factors to analyze the results. The result was one of the first quantifiable theories on the impact of difference between societies in job satisfaction. This research compares the job satisfaction across different countries and how they are impact in each country. In order to have an understanding of this study we have to compare the results of three different countries. The countries that are chosen are USA, which is a developed and economic super power. China is a rapidly growing and developing country, while Pakistan, a nation with more long-term orientation.

Power Distance
Uncertainty Avoidance
Long Term Orientation
40 (avg)
91 (V high)
62 (high)
46 (avg)
26 (v low)
68 (high)
80(V high)
20 (v low)
66 (high)
87 (V high)
24 (v low)
55(V high)
50 (low)
70 (V high)
50(V high)
0 (v low)
(Hofstede, Geert, 2015)
Comparison of Countries:
USA, is one of the oldest democracies, the power distance is average while its very high in China, a communist country and also average in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the people believe that the power is concentrated only among a very few people and is not open to the commoners. Individualism is high in USA and with Pakistan having a very low score of 14 it is considered a collectivistic society. This is manifest in a close long-term commitment to the member 'group', be that a family, extended family, or extended relationships. Loyalty in a collectivist culture is paramount, and over-rides most other societal rules and regulations. The society fosters strong relationships where everyone takes responsibility for fellow members of their group. In collectivist societies offence leads to shame and loss of face, employer/employee relationships are perceived in moral terms hiring and promotion decisions take account of the employee’s in-group, management is the management of groups. Culturally Asian countries are collective in thinking while West is Individualistic. USA and China are Masculine. Pakistan scores 50 on this dimension, and as this is an exactly intermediate score it cannot be said if Pakistan has a preference to masculinity of femininity. This is the reason why USA and China are highly competitive in all aspects right from Olympics to economy while Pakistanis focus on Quality of life. For similar reasons Pakistanis avoid uncertainty to a higher-level while USA and China are tolerant to uncertainty to a certain extent. Countries exhibiting high uncertainty avoidance maintain rigid codes of belief and behavior and are intolerant of unorthodox behavior and ideas. The Asian countries which have rich culture, and high savings rate are high in Pragmatism while USA ranks low as its countrymen enjoy the moment rather than saving it for an uncertain future. USA is a restraint country while China and Pakistan are indulgent countries. Job Satisfaction in the Countries:

Job Satisfaction will be high in Chin than USA and Pakistan, due to low Power Distance. While the low indulgence score of China and Pakistan help in keeping the job satisfaction levels at a considerably better place. Relevant Motivational Theories:

USA rewards differentiation and acclamation for better performance. Where as Pakistan since the uncertainty avoidance is higher that the USA and China, there is salary hikes and promotions. China has promotions, employee stock options, and salary hikes in variable parts.

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