Topics: Toyota, Kiichiro Toyoda, Shoichiro Toyoda Pages: 9 (2689 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Question 2:

1) Discuss how TOYOTA can tackle its challenges in strategic people management by (2,500 words)

• Appropriate leadership through change

1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.3 2. The culture of Toyota Leadership-----------------------------------------------------------p.3 3. Toyota Motor’s Leaderships-------------------------------------------------------------------p.3 3.1Toyota leaders----------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.4 3.2Toyota’s present president leader-------------------------------------------------------p.4-5 3.2.1Background of Akio Toyota------------------------------------------------------------p.5 4.Toyota’s crisis-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.5 4.1Toyota’s inadequate Crisis Response-----------------------------------------------------p.6 4.1.1the affect after the crisis exploded------------------------------------------------p.6-7 5.Changes in Toyota’s strategy and culture --------------------------------------------p.7-8 5.1The gap between the promise and the practice ----------------------------------------p.8 6.Toyota tackles its challenge-----------------------------------------------------------------p.8 6.1Toyota cooperate Leader’s strategic change--------------------------------------------p.9 6.1.1Engineer -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.9 6.1.2More authority to Regionals-------------------------------------------------------p.9-10 6.1.3Better communication-----------------------------------------------------------------p.10 6.1.4“Smart” Team---------------------------------------------------------------------------p.10 6.1.5New Partnership-------------------------------------------------------------------p.10-11 7.Akio Toyoda’s new vision of Toyota------------------------------------------------------p.11 8.Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.12 9.References---------------------------------------------------------------------------------p.13-14

1. Introduction
In SHRM, leadership determinants have a direct link to high performances. Leadership is defined as a leader who sets directions, aligns a group of followers to achieve the goal and motives them. Changes can happen in society, and impact climate and performance with an organization. An appropriate leader should be able to understand the change and lead the organization into adopting it. Toyota is considered to be one of the most successful automobile manufacturers in its industry. Toyota always stands for the “quality” and is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. However, its recent serious recall crisis has bought Toyota a bad reputation of quality problem. In this paper, I will discuss the challenge in strategic people management of Toyota leader through the crisis and changes.

2.The culture of Toyota Leadership
Since the founder Kiichiiro Toyoda until now Akio Toyoda, most of the President leaders of Toyota are from the Toyoda family. Toyota culture of family members had dominated in steering the company. “The founding family’s mission to keep setting direction for the company.” Said by Akio Toyoda. (Norihiko 2008) In the Japanese company culture, the president wields the biggest power over the operation.

3.Toyota Motor’s Leaderships
From loom work into the world’s largest automobile manufacturer, and from Mass production to Lean, Toyota leaders tackled each challenge and created a miracle in the automobile history.

3.1Toyota leaders
Fujio Cho served as a president of Toyota Motor Corporation from 1999 to 2005. (Norihiko 2008) Cho advocated strongly on environment friendly automobile technologies as hybrid-electric Prius. He...
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