Leadership Development

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Chapter 11
Learning and Cognition in the Content Areas

Expert knowledge
Subject matter knowledge
Excellent knowledge about content of a particular discipline Pedagogical content knowledge
Knowledge about how to effectively reach a particular discipline Teaching effectiveness
Steve Stahl Goals:
1. Automatically recognize words
2. Comprehend text
3. Motivated to read
4. Appreciation of reading

Rich Mayer
Focused on the cognitive processes a child needs to go through in order to read a printed word. 1. Being aware of sound units in words
2. Decoding words
3. Accessing word meaning; visualize and imagine

Developmental Model of Reading
Stage 0. Birth to First grade
Prerequisites for reading
Stage 1. First & Second grade
Children begin to read
Translation of letters
Learning of letters and sounds
Stage 2. Second & Third grade
Learning to read
Stage 3. Fourth to Eight grade
Read to learn
Stage 4. High school years
Competent reader
Approaches to Reading
Phonics Approach – Sound
Whole-language – Natural language learning
A. Cognitive Approach
Decoding and Comprehending words
Metacognition – Involved in reading in the sense that good readers develop control of their own reading skills and understand how reading works; analysis of one’s own meaning Metacognitive Strategies

1. Overview text before reading
2. Attempt to determine meaning of words
3. Monitor text comprehension
4. Understand relationship between parts of text
5. Recognize when you might need to go back and reread a passage 6. Adjust pace of reading

Prior knowledge

Teaching capabilities

Transactional Strategy Instruction Approach

Developed by Michael Pressly
A cognitive approach to reading that emphasizes instruction in strategies.

B. Social Constructivist Approach

Students also perform in certain tasks

Reciprocal Teaching

-Teachers explain strategies then ask students to demonstrate the...
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