Learning Basic Japanese Language Through Mobile Audio Learning

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Learning Basic Japanese Language
Through Mobile Audio Learning
Aro, Aaron Neiel Panelo, Clark Nheil Pedroso, Vaughn Carl arokidaaron@yahoo.com calarkkoto@gmail.com DA_HOT_ONCO1@yahoo.com

Audio listening, mobile learning, Japanese language


The study of audio listening has 2 aspects: one, of simple enjoyment and appreciation; the other, of pronunciation together with accent. When we listen to Japanese conversation that catches our attention or read a book pertaining to Japanese writings, for a moment at least, we discover a world so different from ours that it is be with different cultures and traditions. To enter and enjoy this, we must learn to at least understand and know the basic Japanese language and also to pronounce and develop the accent nevertheless a skill to develop. The project learning basic Japanese language through mobile audio learning seeks to present an integrated approach to develop the learning aspect by using technology to accommodate the availability that are necessary for teaching aid. For this study, it focuses on English words to be translated into Japanese language. The approach is likewise situational that it helps users to enhance its competencies for many purposes. This approach is also communication-oriented, through its inclusion of listening and facilitating proper pronunciation geared toward developing user’s facility of self-expression in Japanese language. But first, we must know the different ways of approaching solution to different object stated further in this project like interview and experiment. These two are some of the necessary ways to gather data. Input, Process, Output are essential concepts that serve as a springboard or backbone to develop the mobile application for the conversion of the English words to Japanese language.

Nowadays, education is not just all about writing in the blackboard and explaining afterwards, it needs to capture the enthusiasm of the students to be able to learn. Learning may be done in many ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things first hand. Students are fun of reading books, watching and some are interested in grammar especially in learning foreign languages.( http://homeworktips.about.com/od/homeworkhelp/a/learningstyle.htm) Learning foreign languages such as Japanese has become a trend because people travel a lot and go abroad to earn money or simply want to visit another country and learn something about its geography and culture and even watching movies, animes, reading books. The researcher’s choose the Japanese language to be used in the development of this research because considering that Japan is one of the leading countries in terms of technology efficiency and learning, their culture may have a big impact to be able to understand more and cope up with them, Considering also the possibility of increasing high paying jobs in Japan by big companies.

Firms nowadays are deciding to cooperate with partners from other countries. These firms need good translators who will help them to communicate with their partners. As you can see, you need to learn another language to get a good job. This knowledge can help you in your life. Learning multiple languages will always serve to enhance your quality of life, and even if you never use that language in practical circumstances, you almost certainly will enjoy the time spent educating yourself. Language learning is unique in that you rarely have to spend much money to find a passionate instructor or fellow learner, and the adventure of understanding a new tongue is one experience you will not soon forget.(http://learn-german-review.toptenreviews.com/the-importance-of-learning-foreign-languages.html) Audio recordings use native speakers, and one’s strength is helping learners improve their accent. Some recordings have pauses for the learner to speak. Others are continuous so the learner speaks along with the recorded voice,...
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