Learning Disabilities

Topics: Educational psychology, Reading, Learning disability Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Makaila Ronholm
York River Public School
Makaila Ronholm
Mr. Simpson
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Table of Contents:
Title Page
Table of Contents
Headings: 1. Introduction
2. What are the symptoms of learning disabilities?
3. How prevalent are learning disabilities?
4. What causes learning disabilities?
5. Conclusion

Learning disabilities are found in children of all ages and adults as well. They are very common as to up to 10 percent of our population is in fact diagnosed with learning disabilities. It’s a common but hard challenge in life for many people but with the right accommodation and treatment, these people can do many things and continue a healthy and happy life just as well as any other child. Learning disabilities can be treated with parents and teachers using proper strategies to adapt this child with the other children to benefit everyone in the learning environment. Many causes and theories have been found for the reason(s) of learning disabilities, but not a clear and accurate one. Many early signs are found but commonly mistaken. That’s why its recommended parents contact their child’s pediatrician and the school for further testing. Learning disabilities are not an easy challenge, but so many people to choose to live their life and be like the others.

There is no clear and widely accepted definition of “learning disabilities.” However, a clear statement of what learning disabilities do is that learning disabilities are problems that affect the brains ability to receive, process, analyze, and store information. It’s very common and many children are diagnosed with different type of learning disabilities. Learning disabilities is directed towards affection, behaviour, and performance. Learning disabilities affect the individual’s learning and educational environment. Some of the most memorable characters, such as, Walt Disney,...
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