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This work is a part of Educational and Learning Psychology. Contents of this paper about the learning experience associated with learning theory. There are five experience of my learning experience that includes: 1. How to use calculator in accounting?

2. How to take care your rabbit?
3. Regulation of haircut.
4. Cleaning a classroom.
5. Account management transfer.

1. How to use calculator in accounting?
One time when I helped my aunt accounting. Before there I don’t know how to use a calculator in a right way for comfortable. I just know a common ways to use it very easy that I do. I know only them can plus, minus, multiply and divide. When I got many number that multiply and plus such as (1,045*120) + (200*100) + (30*20) =? I just thinking in parentheses before and plus them again if there have 3 parentheses. I must used calculator 3 times for calculate and 1 time for plus them all for the right answer. That’s okay to a right result. But it is not a best way to do. Because I waste many times to do for 1 answer. It make my work is so late not good to do that. One day, my sister noticed that I was running slow. My sister has to observe the process and how my work. She then found that I did not know how to use a calculator appropriate. After that my sister suggests me how to use a calculator suitable in my work. Then she teaches me to know what are M+, M-, MR and MC in calculator. Before I don’t know how to use M+, M-, MR and MC. I just think why a calculator has them for what? But after I know how to use them. I think a good calculator must have M+, M-, MR and MC. Because they can help me to calculate many number in less time and easy to do more than I don’t know how to use them.

Experience above is related a theoretical construct new knowledge by learners (Constructivism: James& Dewey). The theories that focus on the process and methods of individuals to create knowledge. Understanding of experience. Learning of the discovery, and experience. This theory stems from the idea that learning occurs from the individual knowledge and make the TID. Through a process of balance. The mechanism of the balance of their adaptation to the environment. In order to stay in balance. It is composed of two processes. 1) Absorbed or absorbed. (Assimilation) is the process by which humans interact with the environment and absorb or assimilate the new experience to experience the same or similar. By the brain to adapt to new experiences with a knowledge of the structure of the existing learning. 2) Cognitive restructuring. (Accommodation) is a continuous process of processes excreted or absorbed is not absorbed or absorbed out new experiences into the existing structure and then to adjust the experience to match the structure of knowledge existing in the brain first. Already If not compatible, it will create a new structure to the new experience.

Therefore, this theory can explain learning from experience learned above clearly. That is, learning how to use the calculator more effectively affect the performance increase of a previously known technique used correctly. In this case study derives from the fact that there are people who give advice on the use of properly integrated with existing knowledge. Creates a learning experience that helps them work more efficiently from the original.

2. How to take care your rabbit?
Once when I was a high school student. One day I had to walk an annual fair with my mother. During the walking tour, I chanced to see the cute little bunny in a cage. Many rabbit dressed with cute clothes. I like them a lot because it's a cute rabbit. At that time I was interested in raising rabbits. Then I asked the salesperson about food and how to care for a rabbit. Salesperson told me that rabbits eat carrots and vegetables such as morning glory. They also said a convenient choice to feed a rabbit is I can feed a rabbit by rabbit feed. So I decided to purchase this...

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