Learning in a Group

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Learning Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: January 13, 2013
1. What do you learn from working in a group?
I learnt that by working in a group, we work towards a shared purpose and common goals in doing so shared our varied experiences and skills and in the cooperation with each other. Students are much likely to perform well when they work effectively in a group. This is because good group work creates synergy – where it combine effect of the group is greater than the sum of individual effort. Working together as a group can apply individual perspectives, experiences and skills to solve complex problems, creating new solutions and ideas that, and be beyond the scope of any one individual. As well as enhancing class performance. Good group work benefits individual too. It enables mutual support and learning, can generate a sense of belonging and commitment. I also learnt the following benefits on working in groups:

Apply a mix of skills that go beyond the scope of one individual. •Solve complex problems that take more than one mud.
Generates new ideas.
Provide support and help group members.
Give students a sense of belonging.
Enhance communication.
Help students to learn from each other and develop.
Generate commitment.
Q.2 what do you think can be done to make this course (Lifelong Education/ more interesting. INTRODUCTION
Lifelong learning skills are wide concern in tertiary education. Fostering these skills requires reconsideration and changes to traditional approaches to teaching and learning. We are living in a time of knowledge explosion. University or colleges are unlikely to be able to teach all the essential knowledge a student needs for their whole career within a four-year period. Moreover, much of the knowledge student learn in the university will be out of date when they leave, because of the rapid technical developments. This means student and have to master a self-learning method and a set of lifelong learning skills in order to meet the demand of their future, professional...
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