Learning Style

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Kinesthetic learning Pages: 3 (1247 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Component 1
My learning environment is in a quiet and spacious room. With a comfortable chair. My desk is always ready all the tools needed to study without any problem; I have always easy on the eyes pencil, calculator, calendar, notebook etc. To concentrate on my classes I have to be alone and without any noise around me.   When I have to study for a test I wait till the night before of my test to study so I can get my mind fresher on the test day. What I first do is I pick a place where there are no distractions far away from noise and others. I have to drink some caffeine in order to keep me up. I study when my daughter and my husband are in school and or at work. Then I take a highlighter and review the main ideas that I think will come out on the exam. I start looking the exercises or activities that have occurred during the topic, sometimes the exercises may have the same or similar out in paragraphs exam. Resume pulling all the main ideas. I read all over again to try to remember everything. If I see that there are some issues that I cannot remember I write them in my notebook. When it comes the time to take the exam I try to be as relaxed and focused as possible. Just keeping in my mind the images of all that I read and studied so that I will not forget the most important points. The reason why my strategies may differ to take the exam on campus or online could be. Maybe if taking the test on campus I will have the teacher more easily and faster to be reach in case I have any questions or do not understand something in the test. And also I get more time to complete the exam on campus. But could infer because I get more nervous when I have someone watching me or around me when is time to take test. But taking online test I can have more concentration and tranquility for my test. But in case that I get any inconvenience I would have to work it on my own.

Component 2
I really like the result of my learning inventory because it helps me to identify what...
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