Learning Style: Tool for Enhancing Pupils’ Performance in Science

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Research Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: February 4, 2013

TOPIC: Learning Style: Tool for Enhancing Pupils’ Performance in Science SITUATION: The objectives of this research are to ascertain the dominant learning styles and to discover the Significant effects of learning styles to grade IV pupils’ performance in Science enrolled at Malolos Elementary School during the SY. 2011-2012. PROBLEM: The general problem of this research is to identify the learning styles of grade IV pupil and its significant effects on their performance in learning Science. POSSIBLE CAUSES:

1.Lower level of proficiency in Science
2.Inability to understand scientific concepts
3.Teachers’ beliefs on the proper way (traditional method) to conduct science education instead of employing innovative ways. PLAN OF ACTION (POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS)

1.To see if the research really works , the researcher first employ the traditional mode of teaching wherein pupils only learn in one style 2.The researcher will administer a kind of formative test to gauge their understanding in ScienceResults of Formative Test 3.Pupils will be given a survey test about how they prepare for and take Science TestResults of Survey Test Form 4.Based from the results of the survey test form, the researcher can now classify their learning differences

5.Designing a strategy that best suit to the personality or learning styles of each learner 6.Identify their interest and assign them task that can give them opportunities to showcase their performances, in this way, the pupils will be given the chance to understand scientific concepts using their learning stylesResults of Learning Style Checklist 7.Have them express their understanding and learning about science concepts in a way that they know best 8.Evaluates their performances

9.Compare the results

The coverage of this study is about the significant effects of learning styles to pupils’...
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