Legalization on Gay Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Marriage, United States Constitution Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: March 24, 2014
In the United States, there are 64 million couple(“YourOUTsource:YOurLGBT”). Of those couples, 1% is made of same sex couples ("YourOUTsource:YourLGBT").Of the 50 states, only six states allow gay marriage while the other states ban gay marriage due to religious, legislative, family, and cultural beliefs issues ("YourOUTsource:YourLGTB").These issues are why people believe that people of the same sex should not be together. Although traditional marriages have many positive attributes, gay marriage should be legalized because it has brought equality to those that are involved in a same sex relationship, a lower divorce rate, and a higher adoption rate. Many people believe that gay marriages are disrespectful because it changes the meaning of a traditional marriage or definition of a union of marriage. The difference between traditional marriage and gay marriage is the sexual preference by the partners. Both marriages involve a relation with another person. Also those against same sex marriages find it inappropriate because it is against religious beliefs. But why should those that prefer a same sex marriage be judged and told that it is not right? It is like saying how one should dress, how they should wear their hair, and how they should act. They have a constitutional right as those in a traditional marriage. Society should not be able to change ones constitutional right because of his/hers sexuality. Although people believe that it is against religious beliefs, it should not have an effect on making gay marriage legal because, the legislation between the state and religion are two different matters. If religion has a part in legalizing gay marriage, it should be allowed to be involved in schools and other places that disallow religion.

Another reason why gay marriage should be legalized is because; it represents equality for those that are involved in a same sex marriage. Of those six states that allow gay marriage, those couples are more accepted and...

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