Legalizing Gay Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: April 6, 2014
Legalizing Gay Marriage

What is gay marriage? Gay marriage also known as same sex marriage is an ungodly civil union between the same gender. It may also be described as a union caused by strong emotional and physical attraction of the same sex driven by worldly desires. To make gay marriage permissible by law is an affront to God and it should not be condoned in order to protect the family and the true nature of humankind.

Legalizing gay marriage is truly very controversial in any order. It is a huge challenge facing the world's law makers’ today, particularly in a country like the America. It rocks the foundation of our belief and exposes the fragility of the Marriage Act and the Family Act which protects the institution of marriage. However, different countries, states and religious groups are encountering different views on legalizing gay marriage because of the traditional belief and traditional norm.

However, before legalizing gay marriage one should correctly define the term “marriage”. Webster’s define marriage as an intimate union between a husband and a wife through a ritual. The Bible in the book of Genesis explicitly declares marriage is a union between a man and a woman. A unio Mystica. Also, in Genesis, it is God himself established marriage as an ordained institution. The purpose of marriage between a man and a woman, according to Gods’ word is for them to have children. (Genesis 1:28). Another purpose for marriage is for companionship. (Genesis 2:18).

First and foremost legalizing gay marriage is against God. Firstly, God created all human beings and we are subject to his authority. Genesis emphatically declares that God created human beings as male and female for the purpose of populating the earth with children. It is impossible for two people of same sex to produce offspring. Gods’ second purpose of uniting a man and a woman is for companionship. Companionship is defined as a feeling of fellowship or friendship. Gods’ second...

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