Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: Cannabis, United States, Medical cannabis Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Should Marijuana Be Legal
When searching for answers as to why marijuana should be legal, I found recent studies that have shown what the cannabis plant can do for our health. Marijuana, a plant that has been around for many years now and scientist are finally able to show proof that marijuana can cure people of various ailments. Research from the website gives us plenty of reasons as to why Marijuana should be legal. One of those reasons is that it is safer to use than what people are currently using, like tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, prescribed pain pills, and aspirin. Two, Marijuana can be used for many medical uses in which doctors can prescribe to patients that have health issues. Three, the FDA has approved medications that are more dangerous and addictive to the human body, but marijuana is still illegal. Four, people are put in jail longer for using marijuana than someone who just committed a crime. Many people believe Marijuana should be legal for medical purposes, because half of our nation is legalizing Marijuana at this very moment for patients who are prescribed by their own doctor. However legal medical Marijuana has proven to help many people who are suffering from chronic pain and curing cancer patients, legalizing Marijuana for medical use would better people lives more who are suffering with terminal illnesses.

Today cannabis marijuana plant is still one of the most discovered therapeutically matter in the whole world. The NORML foundation has published multiple scientific studies pertaining to the cannabis plant and what it can do to people who have nausea, chronic pain, sleep apnea, and many other symptoms. The majority of the research on cannabis the Government already knows and what medical Marijuana can do for people who have serious illnesses. The Government is ignoring the situation because all that they claim is wrong with the cannabis plant is that it is dangerous and addicting for the society to use; which has been proven...
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