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Functional Skills Level 1 & 2
Date 16/09/14 Day: TuesdayWk Class

To apply Knowledge of fraction, decimal and percentage to find equivalents. To be able to work collaboratively as a team

Functional Maths:
To be able to understand labels of a product when shopping.
Success Criteria (Learning Outcome)

Identify the process of finding equivalents
Follow the process of finding equivalents
Decide which calculations are needed;
Show working out.
Write answer clearly.
Connection to prior learning – link to SoW(unit of work)

In the previous lessons, students should have learnt how to recognise simple equivalent fractions, how to write fraction in their simplest formsimplify them and how to use decimal notation for tenths and hundredths.

Lesson structure/activities/Key questions


Objectives will be shared with the class with level criteria included to ensure they know what level they are working towards. Starter:
Language of algebra: students are given a matching game with algebra key words on and the explanation. They must match the key word with the explanation accordingly. Challenge activity: students challenge their memories of expressions by answering the questions on the power-point slide. White board activity:

Students are challenged with a problem solving question. They must use the white boards to find their answers. The use of different strategies to find the solution will be discussed before the task is set. Collaborative work:

Students work in groups of 4 to prepare a question for the rest of the class to answer using the strategies from the activity before. Thinking hats: To evaluate their learning, feelings about their learning and strategies to improve. Students are asked to choose a question from their allocated thinking hat, discuss the question and agree on an answer. A speaker will share their thoughts with the rest of the...
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