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In the summer of 2012, my family and I took a five-day trip to California, where we visited San Diego and stayed in Los Angeles. We flew out of Raleigh on a Thursday night and stayed in Arizona with one of my cousins until Saturday morning. During our visit, we saw quite a bit of gorgeous scenery and ate some delicious food. All in all, it was a fun, relaxing, and memorable vacation. The reason why the getaway was truly memorable is because it was the “luckiest” trip I have ever taken! When I say “luckiest,” I mean that many aspects of our vacation went in our favor. In San Diego, for instance, the weather was absolutely beautiful, with sunshine, very few clouds, and mild temperatures. The city has a reputation for being foggy, chilly, and windy, so we were fortunate enough to have experienced the lovely weather while we were there. In addition, my family and I went to the beach in San Diego. Unlike beaches on the east coast, beaches on the west coast are very icy. In a literal sense, the water was very cold. Our trip to San Diego was lucky for reasons other than weather and seasonal factors. During our first night in the city, we had no idea where to have dinner. My family and I walked the pier in Carlsbad, where we found an amazing seafood restaurant which we all enjoyed. The restaurant we chose was perfect, the fish was excellent and the shrimp was fresh. The décor, service, and cuisine were among the best I had seen anywhere; and the prices were much more reasonable than I would have guessed. Our restaurant-related luck continued the following day during our tour of the Chinatown area. When our hunger overtook us suddenly, we parked our cars into the nearest establishment for lunch. Given our lucky streak, we should not have been surprised that we were served the tastiest Chinese food we had ever eaten. After lunch, we found a small fortune cookie factory in Chinatown which made their cookies by hand. When I opened my cookie to see the message inside, it...
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