Level 3 Award in Education and Training

Topics: Educational psychology, Assessment, Summative assessment Pages: 7 (2865 words) Published: August 19, 2015
Level 3 Award in Education and Training
Alisha Wall
Unit A: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training 1.1 The primary role of a teacher is to teach. They have to take into consideration the role in which they take to enable learners to learn. As a teacher they need to be motivated, showing passion for what they are teaching with a good knowledge of the chosen subject. The session would be planned which would allow the teacher to be confident in delivering what is required in the time allocated. The teacher will continuously carry out assessments and reviews taking into consideration the surroundings, the schedule, themselves and their learners in order that aims and objectives are met and assess whether adaption’s would be required in any element of the session. The teacher would be aware that responsibilities lie with them and they are looked upon as a role model. Learners will expect them to have a good knowledge of the subject being taught also provide clear and precise answers for any questions that may be asked. They would need to evaluate their findings of how their session went and ask themselves if adaptions could be made to improve the way in which they teach. The teacher would have a clear understanding of the legislative requirements. They would be confident in meeting an individuals needs taking into account equality and diversity, albeit keeping a professional and non biased approach. 1.2 Legislation and regulatory requirements play an important role to enable somebody to teach. The governing body require a compulsory syllabus which ensure all learners are working to the same standard. Practising teachers are to adhere to job description, codes of practice, terms and conditions of contract, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Equality act 2010, The Data Protection Act 1998, The Human Rights Act 1998, and The Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Health and Safety at Work act is to ensure the moral and physical welfare of learners, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment. The Equality Act protects the rights of individuals and advances equal opportunities. Approved Codes of practice give practical guidance on how to comply with regulations. Freedom of Information Act give all learners entitlement to any information held on them. Data Protection Act ensures the information is concise, factual, user friendly and stored under the correct companies policies and procedures. 1.3 Ensuring the equality is upheld it is essential that the teacher shows no form of discrimination irrespective of any factors such as race, gender, religion, appearance, ethnicity etc. Inappropriate behaviour would not be tolerated and this would be made clear in the ground rules set before the class commencing. 1.4 It is important to identify and meet individual needs to enable the teacher to deliver the appropriate understanding of the session to every individual. If these needs were not identified and catered for, the learner could be at a clear advantage or disadvantage of the session. Using tools such as Individual Learning Plans, Initial Assessments, diagnostic tests and evaluations will aid the teacher to assess the learners needs. The teacher would have a clear session plan with detailed subject matters and timings included to clarify the criteria. The teacher would be able to adapt to differences among the class e.g. level of knowledge, religion etc.. 2.1 It is vital that the environment meets the needs of the session in order to adhere to legislation and for the learners to enjoy the session. A safe comfortable environment will enhance their ability to achieve the learning outcomes along with their own aims.The teacher would layout the room to suit the session e.g.. Formal or practical. They would be sure their safety by providing heating, lighting, toilets, fire exits, refreshments etc.. They would be approachable and make a good first impression with...
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