Lies And Conversations

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 1 (244 words) Published: November 25, 2014
Sex, Lies, and Conversation
1. Tannen identifies that men and women have very different ways of communicating in different settings. 2. Women mostly complain about the lack of communication that they have with their husbands. 3. When men don’t look them in the eye and they glance around the room it gives women the impression that they’re not listening or paying attention to what they are saying. 4. Men and women can try to understand cross-cultural communication to help remedy their communication problems.

Purpose and Audience
1. Tannen’s thesis states that the reason women and men have communication problems is because the way they have been communicating since children is very different in many aspects. 2. Tannen wants to inform both men and women on cross-cultural communications. She wants to inform rather than persuade her readers. 3. Tannen is writing to an audience of general readers of both men and women.

Style and Structure
1. She has a chance to give an example and then show the problem in her essay. 2. This essay is a subject-by-subject comparison and it helps by showing 2 sides of each subject from both men and women. 3. The cites from scholarly studies really help support her point because it validates her statistical data. 4. Tannen’s tone is somewhat informative. She’s just trying to help clear the misunderstanding between the cross-cultural communications 5. She’s hoping for men and women to have a better understanding of cross-cultural communication before any of them get a divorce.
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