Literacy Philosophy Paper

Topics: Educational psychology, Dyslexia, Education Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Learning disabilities come in a wide spread variety. There are many characteristics that can help determine what specifically the child’s learning disability pertains to. Cognitively speaking, children can have attention, perception, memory, or information processing learning disabilities (Friend, 2011). Children that have are diagnosed with an attention learning disability tends to have trouble trying to focus on the task at hand because of the other surrounding noises and distractions may be too much (Friend, 2011). Perceptual problems may include bumping into things, awkward walking, jumping, and skipping. It may also include not being able to perceive sounds of words properly. For example, you may say the word team and they may hear the word teen (Friend, 2011). Memory can also be difficult for students with a learning disability. Short term and long term memory can be hard to recall or store (Friend, 2011). Information processing or metacognition can be confusing because children that have this type of learning disability have trouble relating information that they previously learned and relating it to new information (Friend, 2011). Other academic characteristics include reading, oral language, written language, and mathematics. Reading difficulties include fluency, comprehension, phonological awareness, and dyslexia (Friend, 2011). Oral language difficulty may be caused by not using the correct sounds for words, beginnings and endings of words, rules of grammar and spelling, and interactions with others may be difficult (Friend, 2011). Writing may pose as a challenge because the student may have a hard time completing thoughts or organizing thoughts in a sequential arrangement (Friend, 2011). They may also not know when to use capital and lower case letters when writing (Friend, 2011). Finally, students my struggle in math or dyscalculia. This type of learning disability leads to difficulty with basic math facts or computational skills, principles of...
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