Live-in Relationships vs. Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Dowry, Institution Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: July 18, 2011
Live-in relationships:
This emerging trend of relationships with a few exceptions from aborigine societies, are mostly found in larger cities where the life is complex and individuals have less time for the family. It is mostly the upper class involving into live-in relationships, as the new setup is free from obligations and seems to be a viable way of life for them. But the middle class, at least in India, is still under too much societal pressure for a legal relationship which is said created in heaven.

Merits of live-in relationships are that it does not require any formal commitment from the partner. It is sharing the same house and bed like roommates, satisfying their physical as well as psychological needs and enjoying life together like friends. If he/she finds problem in continuing, either due to boredom or incompatibility, then they have the choice to opt out without any legal hassle. Relationship does not feel as burden which has to be carried whole life even if unhappy.

Also quite contrary to the belief that live-in relationships favor male partner, it is the other way round. Women becoming more educated have come at par or surpassed their male counterparts in many areas. Awareness of rights and economic independence has aided acceptance of live-in relationships as it provides her an edge as she is not bound by society and law.

But live-in relations although seem a good alternative has it drawbacks of forcing your life into an unstable phase. As there are no legal rights so life is filled with fear of separation. Relations can break even on mundane issues. Relationships often serve only the purpose of sexual and economic necessity rather than emotional and psychological support. On breakup they can causes an irreparable damage even to further relationships as the fear of relationships creeps in. Women though gain freedom by live-in relationships but yet in Indian society the aftermath of breakup at later stage of life will requires an...
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