living together before marriage

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Living Together Before Marriage
In my father’s house it was never discussed whether I should live with someone before marriage. We are not allowed to live with our boyfriend until after we are married. Being my own person and following my own rules, I decided to move out of my parents’ house. I decided to move into my boyfriend house. My parents hated that I was living with my boyfriend before marriage. Living together before making our vows helps us get to know each other better. I believe that couples should live together before marriage, so they can start to know each other on a closer, more personal level; moreover, they can start thinking about the compatibility of their future spouse.

When me and my boyfriend moved in together we starting knowing each other on a closer, more personal level. I think living together prepares us for a married lifestyle. I’ve learned what my boyfriend likes and dislikes, although this isn’t always easy. There is a lot to discover about and from him. For example, does he like cabbage, Disney channel, sleeping with the fan on at night? Maybe, he likes to spend the whole weekend partying with his friends at a night club! Believe it or not its little details like these that can make or break a relationship. He has learned what kind of bad habits I have and whether or not he can get rid of them. I really don’t like when my boyfriend leaves the toilet seat up, forgets to replace the empty toilet paper holder, and leaves his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor; I, on the other hand don’t like washing dishes, washing clothes, and putting up the groceries. However, I can see how much fun I have with him and realize how much I would miss out by not getting married. Sometimes our relationship gets tough and boring, so we try to keep or relationship creative and alive.

I think that couples can make a wiser decision about the lifelong compatibility of their future spouse if they live together. I have learned if my boyfriend is...
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