Logistics in Disneyland

Topics: Walt Disney, Magic Kingdom, Transport Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: June 12, 2012
I have chosen to take a look at the organization in the theme park Disneyland Paris. The question I asked myself is “What do you need to get a successful theme park like Disney World?” the main answer to that question is in my opinion with the following things: -Attractions

-Souvenirs shop(s)
Off course there are some other factors, like management etc., that you need in order to lead a successful theme park. But some of those are not really relevant to logistics. That is why I chose to concentrate on the above list of things. The attractions:

The first thing I think of when I think of a theme park are the attractions, the question concerning logistics that immediately pops into my mind is: How do you get such large attractions to the destination they are needed? These attractions are not carried to the theme park as a whole, but in different parts. The different parts of the, let’s say for example, roller-coaster are not made in France. They are made in foreign countries. This means that when they are finished they are stored in warehouses in the country they are made until they need to be transported to Disneyland for the built of the roller-coaster. They have to be transported by airplane and truck. First of all a truck brings them to the airport, then an airplane flies them as close by the park as possible, then the truck comes in again and brings the parts to the theme park. It can be that the parts are also stored for a short period of time nearby the park. That is the case when for example the poles, that hold the tracks, of the roller-coaster are built and the tracks of the roller-coaster are not needed yet. But when these poles are done the parts of the track are lifted in place by a crane. If all the parts from different countries are put together the thrill of the roller-coaster can begin. In a theme park safety is also very important for the reputation and customers. And in case one of the attractions breaks...
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