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PE 632 Supervision in Physical Education


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Jarrod A. Anderson

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Dr. Lacy Reynolds




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Constructivism is the teaching student’s to improve their capacity to generate knowledge and to work together with peers to create social and intellectual relationships. (Reynolds 2012). This type of teaching style falls under the constructivist Models of Jerome Bruner which he introduce the importance of the instruction which is Instruction must be with the experiences and contexts that make the student willing and able to learn(readiness). Instruction must be stranded so that it can be easily grasped by the student (spiral organization). Instruction should be designed to facilitate extrapolation and or fill in the gaps (going beyond the information given). Leaner builds are to for prior understandings and experiences. For physical educator stand point physical education and constructivism work perfectly in educating students. In physical education we are always building upon a previously learned idea in an abstract way using artifacts. They can be balls, hoops, beams, minds, and etc. Constructivism falls right in line with doing activities as a team. Everybody must do their part and when the parts are put together in the correct way the group has success.

Bruner was one of the founding fathers of constructivist theory. Constructivism is a broad conceptual framework with numerous perspectives, and Bruner's is only one. Bruner's theoretical framework is based on the theme that learners construct new ideas or concepts based upon...

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