Love and Marriage

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“Love and Marriage” is one of the important things that everyone desire to have. We are all influenced by the multi-media that we will get to know our “Ms. Right” or “Mr. Right” when we grow up, then we will get married and have children. However, is it the truth? Nowadays, We can rarely see this beautiful picture in Hong Kong. Instead, studies found out that the divorce rate in Hong Kong is about 33% (SCMP, 2009), which means one-third of people's marriages end in divorce. It is quite ridiculous that in that so-called metropolitan city, we cannot easily find a couple with long-lasting relationship. What's more, many studies show that children who always see their parents fight tend to be nervous and even get insomnia (James W. Kalat, 2008). Moreover, one-forth of children of divorce end up having serioous psychological, social or academic problems (Dr Heller, 2000).Hence, it indeed forms a vicious cycle! So, what are the key factors of making a relationship satisfying and sustainable? Some researchers found out that self-expansion which means the process of how individuals use a relationship to accumulate knowledge and experiences (Parker-Pope, T. 2010) is one of the key factors. While some studies found out that most romantic partners and close friends resemble each other in age, physical attractiveness, political and religious beliefs, intelligence, education and attitudes (James, 2008) Hence, what are the real factors that can make a relationship long-lasting? Apart from Hong Kong, the divorce rate of other countries is also increasing. In fact, is the world making progress or going backward? Why the divorce rate keep increasing? What makes a relationship satisfying so to solve this social problem? In this project, our group would like to study the factors which make a relationship sustainable and satisfying in both dating and married period. At last, we would also like to make suggestions for couples.

Project Summary
In this project, our group would like to examine factors which lead to interpersonal attraction and also find out the key factors of making a long-lasting and satisfying relationship. We measure the boredom, satisfaction, closeness and self-expansion of the relationship. Some studies found out that self-expansion is one of the key factors. Hence, we assume that couples who give high ranking in self-expansion will also give high-ranking of the satisfaction of relationship. That means the degree of self-expansion in a relationship is directly proportional to the degree of satisfaction in a relationship. Finally, we will also examine the differnces of the factors in different age group, gender etc. Research Methodology

Our group used both quantitative and qualitative research methods to aquire information. 1. Questionnaire (Appendix 1,2)
This is a quantitative research method.Participants are required to fill in a consent form (Appendix3) before filling in the quetsionnaire and involve in the interview. We devided the questionnaire into three parts. The first part is talking about some person particulars, such as age, gender, nationality, education background etc. The second part is a sustainable marriage quiz (Paker-Pope, T. 2000) which is used to examine the self-expansion extent of the couples. The full mark for it is 70. For those who got 60 marks and above, it belongs to “highly expansive”, for those who got 45-60 belongs to ''moderately exciting'' and for those who got 45 marks or lower belong to “low connection”. And the third part is about three questions which are used by Tsapelas, I. Aron, A., & Orbuch, T. (2009) to examine the closeness, boredom and satisfaction of a relationship.

2. Interview
This is a qualitative research method.The interview is conducted during the participants filling in the questionnaire. The participants are asked about some basic...
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