Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Love Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Love marriage or arrange marriage, these are an all time hot topic. How to choose him/her, with them you going to live your rest of live? If you look at our Indian Marriages, we associate the better marriage is arranged due to social structure, On the other side Love Marriage is considered as a taboo among many Indian families, probably they do not have modern outlook of life .People supporting the concept of Love marriage strongly believe that it is very important to know the partner very well before marrying him or her. On the other side, people who believe in solemnizing the wedding with the permission of parents and relatives think that arranged marriages are long lasting. We see that most of the marriages are successful for some reasons when it is arranged, the parents do support the relationship and they try their best to keep the relationship live as it is their responsibility too. Arranged marriages are good, if you believe in astrology and horoscope. In arranged marriage, the boy and girl will be from the same religion and caste, so they have the same life style, food and culture. The girl is more protected as the parents care for a girl who married according to their wish. The married couple could resort to their parents or acquaintance at the time of financial crises or other problems. In addition, if the marriage proves to be a failure, they have a number of people around them to put seek support or to put the blame on. Their parents would come forward to solve the problems between the couple, if they have married with the elder's consent. This is the reason why arranged marriages are considered secure for the people in India. But how can one go marriage if you don’t know the person or you may even not like the person only because your parents and elders decided your marriage. Most of the cases the girl is forced to sacrifice their likes and adjust to the reality. Some may just live their life, they believe it’s their fate and their parents are...
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