Love Never Dies Synopsis

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Love Never Dies Synopsis
Ten years after the incident at the Paris Opera, the Phantom is now the creator and owner of Phantasma, a Coney Island amusement park. Despite his success, he remains tortured over his love for Christine Daae. Christine, however, is married to Raoul, and they have a ten year old son, Gustave. The family ventures to America in hopes of furthering Christine’s career, but once there, they discover that the Phantom is the one who has hired Christine. Meanwhile, Meg Giry, Christine’s best friend from the Paris Opera, has been working day and night to catch the eye of the Phantom, and in doing so, she has become very popular on Coney Island. While Christine is rehearsing, the Phantom confronts Christine and discovers that Gustave is actually his son. The night before Christine and Raoul were wed, Christine slept with the Phantom and became pregnant. Raoul does not know this though, and even makes a bet with the Phantom over Christine and Gustave. If Christine performs, Raoul has to leave and never return to Christine, but if she does not, they can leave together with all of their debts paid. Christine sings, and Raoul leaves. After the performance, Meg kidnaps Gustave in a last attempt to get the Phantom’s attention. She returns Gustave, but then attempts to shoot herself. She misses though and shoots Christine. The Phantom holds Christine and they confess their love for each other. They kiss, and Christine dies. Immediately after, Raoul appears to take back Christine, but it is too late. Raoul holds Christine’s body, while the Phantom holds Gustave. The end.
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