Love or Arrange Marriage

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Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage
Which one is better love marriage or arrange marriage? Arrange marriage is a type of marriage in which your family members decide that whom you are going to marry, while on the other hand in love marriage you marry the person that you understand and you love. Arrange marriages can make your family happy, but love marriage can make you happy. According to me love marriage is better because the girl sacrifice her family and her friends for the person whom she loves a lot, on the other hand in arrange marriage she has to sacrifice her everything for the person whom she even don’t know properly.

A love marriage generally turns into good beginning of new life like friendship and care. But, there are many chances of divorce in arrange marriage because it is difficult to understand the person whom we don’t know properly. In arrange marriage the family decide the person by the basis of study, family background and look whether in love marriage we choose the person who is perfect for us and good from heart. In arrange marriage we can’t give our opinion or we can’t share our emotion because the family is ruled over by the elders, but if you do love marriage you can give your opinions and your partner will respect it. There are so many strict rules in big family and we have to follow them and even no one will support you if you are in a problem not even your partner.

I have experienced it in my family that why love marriage is better? My parents did an arrange marriage and when they met first time my mom asked my dad that would you like to go out of country in future? He replied negatively but, after some year he got a chance to go USA with his family by the blood relation visa. So, he got excited and his dream was just to visit this developed, clean country and to make more money. Because of his dream I and my sister left our half study in my country, and we sacrificed our two years of study. I was in love with a...
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